Jenine Gobbi

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Jenine Gobbi

BodyTalk Practitioner


About Jenine Gobbi


Jenine is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) and a HeartMath Reslilience Mentor. Her focus is to help others be vibrantly healthy and able to fulfill their unique purpose in the world. She works simultaneously on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to address blocks to inner peace, a peace that remains no matter what is happening on the outside. It is from this place of peace that one is best able to fulfill their unique purpose. This is true healing! This is her joy and privilege to share!


Jenine was led to BodyTalk through receiving life-altering treatments from Jakob Merchant, the founder of the Health and Healing Clinic in Sedona, Arizona. After a few sessions, she found her outlook on life was completely transformed – which then shifted life itself – and she embarked on BodyTalk training.  She remains astounded and grateful at the healing power of BodyTalk, especially in the hands of a loving, compassionate practitioner.


As far back as Jenine can remember her passion has been to relieve suffering. This passion took her from a child’s dream of being a nurse (which she abandoned as a teen) to working with nonprofits. As an adult, she entered the corporate world once she decided that the best way to relieve suffering was to earn a lot of money and give it away. She went to work for the prestigious consultancy of McKinsey & Company where she assisted executives with strategic planning and marketing. Unfortunately, she forgot why she was there and ended up with high blood pressure, heart difficulty and grey hair by the time she was 30!  She left it all behind, moved to a small place only accessible by ferry and began to focus on her family and inner, spiritual life.


What she eventually discovered is that relief of suffering had to start within. She needed to love and care for herself before she could begin to relieve anyone else’s suffering. She learned that love for self and others is the greatest healer and offers the only lasting relief from suffering and that true success in life is peace of mind.  This peace of mind only comes from doing one’s very best with whatever one’s capabilities are, from complete surrender to what one is, rather than to accomplishing anything. True success comes from within and not without.  Jenine loves to assist others on this journey back to themselves and to true success.


In Jenine’s own words “Once I had experienced the healing power of love, I was in a place where I could fulfill my unique purpose. It has been such a relief to finally know “what I will be when I grow up”. I’ll still be right here . . . in the present moment . . . immersed in Love.  Fully able to fulfill my purpose.  I want the same for you”

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